Wheelchair Sports NSW Juniors Christmas Camp

Wheelchair Sports NSW is very grateful to The Lord’s Taverners Sydney community for supporting our 2018 Juniors Christmas Camp. In its 35th year, our Juniors Christmas Camp provides the opportunity for kids from across NSW to come together for 3 days of sport, friendship and fun. Providing a range of sports from Wheelchair tennis, Wheelchair Basketball and Handcycling, through to Kayaking and Bubble Soccer, the Wheelchair Sports NSW Juniors Christmas Camp is a unique experience for the kids, many of whom have never spent a night away from their parents before.

In addition to the sporting abilities they develop, the kids who attend the camp also learn important life skills  as they navigate the camp environment with their disability. Many of Australia’s greatest Paralympic Athletes have come through the Wheelchair Sports NSW Juniors Christmas Camp through the years, and one of them is Kurt Fearnley who makes sure he attends every year to give back to the community that gave him the same opportunities all those years ago.

We couldn’t provide this extraordinary opportunity to the kids without the support of generous people like the community of The Lord’s Taverners Sydney, and on behalf of everyone in our community, we thank you for what you’ve done to improve the lives of these kids.

Mick Garnett

CEO | Wheelchair Sports NSW

9 June 2019