THE TAVERNERS 100 CLUB Winners & Photos

The Taverners are so appreciative of everyone who entered the raffle and attended our 100 Club event earlier this month. It’s no secret we’d not be able to give the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance without your ongoing support.

Special congrats to our lucky winners on the night:
1st Prize – Phil Reid
2nd Prize – Peter Hillier
3rd Place – Patrick Winter

You can watch a replay of the draw HERE.

Huge thanks to Tim Seller for taking the below snaps and organising the live stream.

Plus a special thanks also goes to Mark Eschbank, President of NSW Blind Cricket, for giving us an impassioned view on the sport.

As a side note – it was reassuring to see Aaron Finch and Glenn Maxwell rediscover their form ahead of this year’s T20 World Cup.

We can’t wait to let you all know about our upcoming events in 2021 and beyond. Who knows – perhaps a 200 Club is on the cards in the near future!



10 March 2021